1/5/21: Expect to see a re-tooling of this announcment section of the main page in the near future– in addition to other facelifts across the website. Audio Recording #5 is up; enjoy!


1/1/21: Audio Recordings #3 and #4 are now available. Head on over to Media and give it a listen.


12/27/20: The Audio recording section of the Media page is now up with the addition of Monolog Recording #1 (An introduction to verious topics on this site), and #2 (Covering some of the more common terminology encountered within the site, blog, and books found on the Media page.


12/07/20: The Media page is now open. With two books: Enlightenment A Martial Artists Viewpoint, and The Subtle Approach to Enlightenment, both available for free in PDF format. Audio pieces will soon be added to this page as well. Stay tuned for further updates.

A website devoted to freedom. Allow me to introduce myself to you: My name is “J”.

Let us together go into what Yes Enlightenment is all about. “J” along with other fellow students; awakening to the joy of enlightenment, have come together to spread the idea of awakening to peaceful love as the dominant paradigm. We’ve made a commitment to nothing less than a global paradigm shift from the current dominant fear paradigm to the peaceful love paradigm.

This site asks: What would a world look like if the peaceful love paradigm were to replace the dominant fear paradigm? We are inviting those who visit this website, read the posts, and, or, visit the Facebook page: YES Enlightenment Support Group, to begin the process of awakening to see the world and themselves differently; to in-fact see with new eyes. It begins with the acknowledgment that we are all running on a fear motivated life script, programmed into us from childhood. As the old saying goes: “The apple does not fall far from the tree.” The seeing of the fact that firstly, we all have been very indoctrinated into this fear paradigm, currently running our world. Fear is the cause of all division, hate, malice, violence, judgment, racism, separation, and ultimately the horrors of all war.

We say to the visitor of this site: Awaken here and now, in this present moment. See that the seed of enlightenment; peaceful love, is already inside of every human being. However, this peace has been blocked by our overthinking mind, via unconsciousness and, or, uncontrollable fear. It seems to be everywhere. Our ego, which knows us all too well—obviously because it is our ego, seeks to control us totally. It knows exactly what buttons to push in order that it maintain control over us. It is adhering to a life script, programmed into us from birth to five, or six years and beyond. Here you can begin the process of seeing, re-evaluating, and ultimately breaking free of the bondage we all were born into. With work, you can observe and rewrite the life script, thereafter living in a state of peaceful love, as an abiding presence with you always. This will reduce stress and bring a peaceful calm into one’s life, so long as one is willing to do the work, seeing that which blocks us from this peace, such as:
-and others, are our blocks to peace and joy in life. Life then takes on an abiding peace, undisturbed by the drama of daily life situations.


Welcome to your journey towards an awakening to peaceful love; thank you for your interest.

The duality of love and fear
When life lays the fork in front of you: Which path will you go down?
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