“Be in the world not of the world.” An idea posited by a Great Spiritual
Teacher. To be of the world, from this spiritual travelers perspective, is to
live entirely in the mind, a mind that uses the person, not the other way
way around. It’s Unconscious Dreaming, as we reference it herein. It is
living according to the dictates of one’s life script programming, formed
from the time of birth, and perhaps while still in the womb, to the age of
five or six years.

Obviously we all had little control over what all of our
programming was. This is best exemplified by the old saying; “The apple
does not fall far form the tree.” Upon awaking, spirituality speaking, it
is disturbingly apparent that most people are trapped in Unconscious
Dreaming. For better or worse, unconscious dreamers follow a life script
preordained for them by parents, peers, academia, religion, other groups,
organizations, media, and so on. After indoctrination, (we may reference
it as a hard drive) or, after one is programmed, egoic mind vehemently
adheres to the program, often a person totally unaware of it whatsoever.

Old mind patterns and per-established social rolls run one’s life like auto
pilot navigates a plane. This is to be of the world or be of form at loss of
of awareness of essence, the nothingness all form rises out of. Now form
consists of visible form, which the body is obviously, yet also thought,
dreams, interaction in life or relationships and or all action. All this rises
out of, or is of one’s consciousness. Nothingness is felt and is beyond the
above. It is peaceful stillness arising in a mind that is not in conflict with
itself. A mind consumed by opposites is unable to feel nothingness or to
know its peace. Nothingness/love, has no opposite. A state of presence
frees a mind from that which love has never known. Fear traps us via us
and them, right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, victory or
defeat, light or dark. So to be in the world not of it, is to awaken to see
fear has enslaved us in form. Only then can one shift form, use the mind,
to presence and back to mind, for practical purposes, a natural human.

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