“Be in the world not of the world.” An idea posited by a Great Spiritual
Teacher. To be of the world, from this spiritual travelers perspective, is to
live entirely in the mind, a mind that uses the person, not the other way
way around. It’s Unconscious Dreaming, as we reference it herein. It is
living according to the dictates of one’s life script programming, formed
from the time of birth, and perhaps while still in the womb, to the age of
five or six years.

Obviously we all had little control over what all of our
programming was. This is best exemplified by the old saying; “The apple
does not fall far form the tree.” Upon awaking, spirituality speaking, it
is disturbingly apparent that most people are trapped in Unconscious
Dreaming. For better or worse, unconscious dreamers follow a life script
preordained for them by parents, peers, academia, religion, other groups,
organizations, media, and so on. After indoctrination, (we may reference
it as a hard drive) or, after one is programmed, egoic mind vehemently
adheres to the program, often a person totally unaware of it whatsoever.

Old mind patterns and per-established social rolls run one’s life like auto
pilot navigates a plane. This is to be of the world or be of form at loss of
of awareness of essence, the nothingness all form rises out of. Now form
consists of visible form, which the body is obviously, yet also thought,
dreams, interaction in life or relationships and or all action. All this rises
out of, or is of one’s consciousness. Nothingness is felt and is beyond the
above. It is peaceful stillness arising in a mind that is not in conflict with
itself. A mind consumed by opposites is unable to feel nothingness or to
know its peace. Nothingness/love, has no opposite. A state of presence
frees a mind from that which love has never known. Fear traps us via us
and them, right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, victory or
defeat, light or dark. So to be in the world not of it, is to awaken to see
fear has enslaved us in form. Only then can one shift form, use the mind,
to presence and back to mind, for practical purposes, a natural human.

Nature does not think per se, yet it seems to be guided by a vast all-knowing intelligence, available to all of us, the seed of which is inside each person. Ever look at the trees, take in their majestic beauty? They seem to emanate stillness and peace, which if we allow it to, will impart its joy, calmness, and serenity upon us. Just as the trees absorb carbon dioxide, which we breathe out, and in return give off oxygen, which we breathe in, in a similar and mysterious way, we can feel their peace as we walk in nature settings. Perhaps all they want in return is for us to recognize and acknowledge the peace they project to us. As in the example of oxygen, spiritually speaking peace is their gift to us. Nature, simply due to the absence of the egoic thinking mind, is not, because of its none existence, burdened with duality, opposites, us and them, past and future, right and wrong, good and evil, and the like. Yet there surely is some intelligence at work in all this. What is this intelligence which seems to be beyond the thinking mind? Well, just look at a tree now, where is it pointing? Away from itself, to the macrocosm, perhaps indicating being part of a greater whole. In this simplistic state of innocence, is something abstract without beginning or end, beyond time and form. See how still nature is, rooted in being. Let its peaceful tranquility take you deep into the stillness it is, and it projects this stillness quite naturally and effortlessly into our world. Listen very closely and look intently, let the sounds and sights of nature, bring stillness to you. Listen consistently and it will speak to you of a totally different way of living. Then personify its gift of peaceful love into the world. If you work at it, bringing your mind, thought and extreme emotion to order, a mind quieten little by little will transform you. You will walk in a state of presence born of peaceful love. Speach and movement will soften, and the egoic mind will gradually loosen its grip upon the mind, a life script and ego, which adheres to this script, will be subservient as was always intended. The mind will then be used by you, no longer use you. Nature obviously is all around us, its peace opens up to us, portholes to nirvana constantly. We simply do not see it because our egoic mind blocks us from seeing it. The mind’s identified state is to live in a dream world. Free your Self from the egoic self.

  Imagine for a minute that you are renting an apartment with someone. You come home to find the door handle key sticks. It takes you ten minutes to get in. There is also a deadbolt with a different key, and that works fine. The roommate returns. The following scenario and dialogue ensues: “Can we use the deadbolt only until we can get the door handle lock repaired?” The roommate replies; “No, I’m not comfortable with that.” Anger begins welling up within you in the form of righteous indignation. A justified response, yet still it is a conditioned programmed scripted reaction to a situation, derived from old mind patterns, stored in memory. Ah but this time you catch it, (the anger welling up inside) and say to the programmed egoic mind, NO!!! You see it in just that moment for what it is, you remain very present and calm. You see your ego and its attempt to take control of you. Then there is epiphany: you look at the roommate and say to yourself; “She doesn’t see it, see that she is being completely controlled by a programmed egoic mind, following a life script others wrote, be they parents, peer groups, academia, and or others.” Her mind is using her not the other way around, and she doesn’t see it! Obviously, it is unfair and she should see that it is, yet she does not. This is the unbelievable power of the egoic mind. Then, you conclude that she must be forgiven for she knows not what she does. How can someone be blamed when they are unconscious? Their script controls them and denial ensues. In one form of denial or another, she blames it on you, or cannot control it, or some other excuse. She, like everyone in the state of unconsciousness, is living in a dream world. In this state, is the person really there at all? This is a simple case study that happened to the author and was a great leap forward in awakening to see enlightenment. Watch programmed responses in yourself and others, therein lies freedom from indoctrinated old mind patterns, a mind using you. Yet to do this one must remain very very calm, not raise the voice, or they will become emotionally invested in the situation, programming, and thought then will carry them away, at which point one must wait for the waters to calm once again. Only then can they see in retrospect what happened. Be subtle, still, and move slowly in action and thought. The more the situation and or people involved provoke you, or the more your own conditioning pushes your buttons, the more calm and peaceful you must be. Remember, it is your own ego and knows everything about you, what triggers to pull in order to maintain control of you. Again, most people think they use their mind when plainly their egoic mind uses them. Calmly watch yourself and life situations. Reclaim energy from the egoic mind and it will no longer control you. It will then serve its host as was always intended. Yet at some point ego took total control, hence the mind identified state. Most of all keep going no matter what happens. Ego cannot ultimately tell you who you are unless you give in to it. It is the idea of foreverness, this is forever. Ego’s tool of control is the past and future concerns. It, via thought, uses time to create problems. Problems it created, then with a different set of thoughts seek to solve the problems it created. Thought trying to understand itself, an exercise in futility.

One of the most difficult aspects of awakening to enlightenment is an acceptance of the fact that this is forever. There is no arrival because awakening is outside of time. There is only here and now. Obviously, we need to be able to use time for practical purposes, which is to be at the level of effect, job, duties, responsibilities in daily life situations. The causal level however is a state of timelessness, a feeling of oneness, absolutely a part of everything and everyone. Also to feel at a deeper level the ripple effect, that what we do has an effect upon the whole.

To live at the causal level is a totally different way of living life. It transcends the individual mindset of fear energy and separation, to a deeper, knowing of forgiveness, and nonjudgmental acceptance of others. Life, and an ability to see the gifts problems brought by life into us.