–(An excerpt from the new book “The Subtle Approach to Enlightenment.” Going into the work a student will need to do to awaken. Typically it is a combination of the abrupt shattering of the walls of the mind, and the daily work thereafter to awaken as an abiding state.)




“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” A great axiom from an even greater Teacher. The consequences of Personal and Collective Unconsciousness will slowly eat away at the person in the state of Unconscious Dreaming, like a disease, if they do not awaken. Little by little, throughout the person’s life, there will be moments and or longer periods of unease, self-deception, insecurity, tension, anxiousness, depression, grief, guilt, desire, anger, and others, all words. On the other side of the same coin, in a life that has been mostly “Good” there will be fear of loss of the “Good life” either way is clinging to familiarity, to impermanence. In either of these scenarios, there is the energy of fear, a clinging to what is, and always was (again) impermanence. Is this to be a puppet on a string? The puppet master, who pulls the strings, is one’s own egoic mind. The scripted self, compelling the person to dance to the tune of indoctrinated programming, controls us, or tries to. What complicates this so profoundly is the egoic mind, pulling the strings, again the student’s own egoic mind. It knows all too well, what buttons to push in order to maintain control of the student. Can the reader see that this is fertile ground for resistance? Resistance is just what the egoic mind needs a student, now aware of the self, perceiving the Self, awakening to enlightenment, to engage in. This is egos aim, so it may maintain control of its host, via a dominant fear paradigm, the majority of the world runs on at this point. Definitely this


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plays right into the puppet master’s hands. A profoundly high degree of seriousness is necessitated in a student’s awakening. In many cases, for very long periods, of what the student, in the very early stages, sees as the beginning, sees as time, as we normally view time. As has been said, the egoic mind does not want the real you, behind the programmed you, to know what it knows, that there is no time; as such, an awakening will be looked at from the perspective of a sort of ongoing state, of what will be called foreverness in this work, a concept, beyond conception, beyond time. Becoming is to trap oneself in time, with two points, a beginning and an end. The state of mind of; I will be this, I am here, and wish to go there, I am unconscious, and wish to awaken, to become consciously aware. Who is the “I” in this? All of these are to be caught in thinking, in duality. This is just what the egoic mind needs, to keep the student trapped. Foreverness, as the term will be used in this work, is a simplistic state of being here, without arrival. The idea of arrival, due to opposites being involved, again, “I am this and will become that,” creates division. In this, there is resistance, which is the problem of opposites, creating a conflicted mind. Staying in the moment, flowing with whatever happens, with energy if you will, in whatever situation arises, in the here and now, adapting to life as it comes, is key. As in the martial arts, the student flows with the opposing energy, not engaging in resistance to it. This is real, actual power, not force. Force, is a derivative of fear. Because we are so extremely overladen with programming via the fear paradigm, clearly the puppet master uses the life script, and reticular activating system to control us. This can pose great difficulty for a student, feeling inner-being, the stream of an awakened state, once a student awakens to Conscious Awareness. Do not lose sight of the fact that the student can easily be lulled back into attachment to the


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world, via becoming, if this energy is not grounded. Daily life responsibility, an obstacle of gargantuan proportions, requires intensified, focused attention, seeing the state of foreverness, the state of awareness of one’s innersource, the source of all life, which again is the discerning of time as problematic.

Timelessness, foreverness, oneness, in the norm, are completely and utterly foreign to us. Many of the ideas herein may be strange to us, due to the unbelievable power of the egoic mind identified state. Because we are so inundated with daily life responsibility, it is all too easy to be lulled into an unconscious dream state. This is simply a lack of awareness of our source, the source of all that is, of all life. An awareness of inner-being, of what will be called innersource in this work; in addition to the life script, and ego, compelling us to follow the script. Seeing this is essential; so that it serves us, not IT CONTROLLING US. If one ponders the idea that the puppet master truly believes, absolutely believes, that if it lost control of the student, the student would be dead anyway, it is then seen that its level of seriousness is total. It is one-hundred-percent interested, which will match the level of success generally in any endeavor, and so must we be as well. As said, historically, there have been militaristic situations: the leader would burn the ships, or burn the bridge, so that the soldiers could not retreat; leaving no choice but victory or death. It is a total commitment to victory, and THAT is virtually what humanity is up against. It does at times seem that way. That said, the student must do whatever it takes. As long as a student has a choice, as long as the student can say; “Well if it does not work out, I can quit, I can go back to it later,” it is to leave the back door open for the puppet master, and make no mistake, it will enter any door, crack, crevice, the smallest hole, and leverage


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the slightest doubt in the mind of a student, to the puppet masters advantage. Our puppet master, will not go quietly. The idea of foreverness, living the peaceful love state, of being, is safe, content, joyous, seen here and now. There is no time, no doing, no becoming, rather just being here/now, living it, this is key.

Fundamentally, a student is along for the ride, acutely aware, with life as the master of ceremonies, taking a student where it will, as the student observes, adapts. This, along with the idea of oneness, that there is no separation, the awareness of; we literally are all connected together as one humanity, is key. No us and them, therefore no divisiveness. Our source, the source of all that is, of all life, has always been, only one total energy field. The idea of separation always was, simply created in the egoic mind of human beings: perhaps so consciousness can have an awareness of itself. It is simplistic, but the egoic mind complicates the seeing of this. It’s what it does, and is quite good at it, but then it has been at it for eons. It affects the student’s reality only as far as the individual, seeing themselves AS an individual: ego, believing in separation, separation fostering divisiveness. These two, oneness and foreverness, are basically what allows a student to perceive awakening outside of ideas, beyond thought: created reality.“I was unconscious, and now am awake.” It is a transcendence state, beyond duality, and is, as known through words, the paradigm of peaceful love. Fear, completely integrated into us, via the life script, is what we are educated to be, do and have in life. We are, in a bubble. It cannot be said enough, simply see in quiet stillness, in observation, that our world currently runs on a fear paradigm.

Collectively, we will move to the peaceful love paradigm,

if we are to survive, as a species. If you don’t believe that, look at


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the wars, violence, public shootings, divisiveness, hate, malice, all the result of fear. In just one American city, 900 murders in one year. One could say in the extreme, that we are totally, seemingly hopelessly brainwashed into the insanity of fear. Does seeing this, the realization of it, shock the reader? Should it? Or is the reader so indoctrinated, so totally familiar with what they have been taught to be, so numbed, so infatuated with the illusion, they will not let go of it? Is the reader’s ego, their puppet master, pulling their strings, controlling their life? When the student sees the strings, they will notice, they are subtle delusion, obscure, and at points all too obvious. The strings CAN be seen, and yet people will again deny, attempt to control, failing to do so. Has the reader ever tried to push polar opposites of two magnets together? Perhaps at this juncture, the reader may gain insight from the reading of Plato’s: “Allegory of the Cave” found in his work, “Republic.” When the student is feeling manipulated by the puppet master, when they first begin to see it, it can be a very frustrating point in the training. There is the wish to move away from the old paradigm of fear, to the new one of peaceful love; but the student’s perception is blinded by their own egoic mind, by self-delusion, as well as the pressure of others still plagued by unconsciousness. If the student is not sufficiently aware, calmly remaining very present, in the here and now, there will still be resistance, in subtle, as well as aggressive forms.

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YES Enlightenment Support Group

August 3 at 3:52 PM

FEAR is the route of all violence. Psychological fear fills the mind, leaving no room for love. This is slowly driving humanity insane. How can truth and love enter a mind filled with fear? We are so very overladen with indoctrinated fear, from childhood onward, it has become the global paradigm. We argue for it and defend the right to hurt ourselves and others. Then, every so often, for just a moment, the light of peaceful love is seen, in spite of the fear, in a moment of clarity, in quiet stillness, there is a flash of the peaceful love paradigm, which very much needs to grow. The seed is within all, the seed yearns to grow in its host, in all human beings. For just a moment the chatter of our minds stops, the us against them dissipates, and we are just one human race. We move out of the past, disregard the future, all the judgments, prejudice, struggle for power, malice, hate, division, the insane shootings, the WARS, and see what a beautiful world, and the people in it really are, at their essence. We move into the present, into the here and now, and see the love which is our source, and the source of the world we live on. If each person is willing to do just a little work each day, we could transcend this fear paradigm, and begin to see the peaceful love paradigm, to see the truth. All anyone wants is to be loved. Keep working on love, it is who you are and always have been. You were never anything else, your overthinking mind has blocked this from you, blocked you from the truth.

—(An edited version) of a dialogue from the main page. I thought you may find it interesting.

(A reply made to a user’s negative commentary on the YES Enlightenment Facebook page) Can we go into this together friend, in a very serious objective way?

The Life Script, the programmed person we all were taught to be, which peoples egos adhere to, IS THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE AT PRESENT and runs on fear. Ego is simply doing its job beyond what it needs to do. Our goal is to bring it back into the service of its host. When you cross the street and a car is coming, it is ego that keeps you from walking in front of it. That is one of an endless number of practical uses for ego. We cannot live without it here in the world. Its job is to keep you safe in the world, in the body. It takes its job so seriously that it would forfeit your life if it lost control over you; it believes you would be dead anyway, should it lose control of you. This means, of course, you are dealing with awesome power because it is your ego and knows just which buttons to push to control you. These are psychological facts, basic psychology, and is what was spoken to in a prior post: “With all due respect, something has gone very wrong in this whole thing” ego was supposed to serve but has taken over most people, which we reference as the Mind Identified state.

Jesus said to: “Be in the world not of the world.” This perhaps speaks to attachment: “Truly I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to see the kingdom of God.” This also speaks to attachment to the world, the seeing of fear, and very little love. In another religion it states; “The reason you suffer is because you cling to the world” again attachment to the world causes opposing ideas, ie division. This division; Psychological baggage built up in the memory and drawn up to identify and control what people are doing, being, and having, in their lives is driving them insane because it all runs on fear. The egoic mind has become an out-of-control monster in the minds of man. Now if God is love, and He created us “In His image” then we are His love personified, not fear, which is created in the mind of man. It is the PREMISE that must be looked at. GOD IS LOVE, and “created us in His image,” JESUS IS PEACEFUL LOVE, “I tell you the truth: unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God” The overthinking, out of control egoic mind, with fear, veils us from LOVE, and is doing a very good job at it so far.

To bring the ego back into service to its host is key, which is simply awareness of THE LOVE OF GOD, THE SACRED WITHIN YOU, YOUR ESSENCE. It is to die to each moment, to be born again to each moment, to use memories, images stored in the brain for PRACTICAL PURPOSES ONLY, then put the tool ego is away, KNOWING YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WERE LOVE, the idea of, again, what Jesus said; “Before Abraham was I am.”

Love all there ever was.



by J

The simple answer is to work at it, daily. Sustained serious awareness. How much work is too much? Let us now together, go into this. Examine your life. Take stock of it for a moment. Look at the world. What is much of the world and perhaps yourself engaged in? Success, power, material gain, egoic attachment involved in relationships? How hard do we work for these? How much of our lives do we spend attaining these? We set the goal, which is in the future and does not bring satisfaction because it is always out there. We attain the goal, which brings satisfaction temporally but is quickly then replaced with something else we must have, or think we need. Or, we focus on past events in the life to one degree or another, either attempting to recapture past glory, or regret, or guilt over what could or should have been. Is this not to be caught in that which is subject to impermanence? Everything has a beginning and an ending, except one thing, inner-being, the source of all life, your source, or as we reference it, INNERSOURCE. Is not our happiness in the above scenario, to be excessively trapped in time, in the past or future? Do problems need the past or future to exist? All of this seems to be feeding the thing which feeds upon us, our emotionally charged ego, draining energy from us. What we speak to is the reclaiming of energy from the ego, which seeks control of us completely. People spend ten years, twenty years, or their whole lives, working their fingers to the bone. Trapped, it would seem, in endless attempts to regain past glories, or future cravings for more, more, and still more. Is not all of this again, subjected to impermanence? It does seem, when looked at objectively, to be all so pointless, to be introverted, especially when we have been sitting on the goose that laid the golden egg all along. It is inside of us, and all around us. The realization of this must be cultivated because we are so very programmed by the fear paradigm the world currently runs on.

First of all, there is nothing that can be told to you that you do not already know on a deeper level. You must go inside, and that, for many, takes much work. A lot of hard work. Considering the peace resulting from this hard work is lasting, is forever. That it does not have any dependence upon outside situations, people, nothing the world has to offer could come close, how hard then, would you work to awaken to this? Again, to awaken to what has always been inside of you, can be felt, and seen in all that is, once the work is done to cultivate it? It’s kind of funny really. Diffidently part of seeing and feeling this, will be to laugh at ourselves, (how did we miss that) as well as our indoctrinated, educated, dare we say brainwashed narcissistic self-centered view. Laugh at the idea that we see only separation; see only ourselves as individuals, and for the most part, this dominates our focus in life.

Now for the practical purpose of getting things done in our daily lives, we need the persona, our programming, the tool the ego is, to protect and serve us, do we not? Shakespeare once said; “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and each man in his time plays many parts.” Having said that, in the lives of the majority of humanity at present, because the world dominant paradigm is fear, and this fear runs the person, the egoic mind so controlling its host that, the majority of humanity is trapped in what we have referenced as the mind identified state. This simply means people think too much, think they are their programmed mind, images stored in the brain only. Images are drawn up from memory to identify the present, the only true reality, where actual truth and love are seen. In the next blog, we will go into more detail as to how this awakening to the Peaceful Love paradigm is to come about.



by J

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it seems. An old saying handed down from generation to generation. We all know what it means; that we are the same as our parents right? If we really go into this, deeply inquiring about it, in honest, loving self examination, we will begin to see. See, in many cases reluctantly, that we are programmed to be someone whom others, be they our parents, teachers, or society in general, (all outside influences) have taught us to be. This begs the question, is this programmed person our actual real Self? As a child, we had very little control over what went into that programming. If we are not our real Self, then who are we?

Some of this programmed scripted self will be useful to us. We all were taught, that to cross the street when cars were coming is not a wise course of action. This, obviously is useful, as well as many other examples of our programming. That said, how much of the programmed self do we choose? How much of it is what someone else decided was good for us? What degree of the programmed person we are, did outside forces decided we should be, do, and have in out lives? Looking at this from a computer perspective, who wrote the programmed script? Do we agree with that script, that programming? Do we choose it?

Now let us come full circle; “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” All of this seems very simplistic, very basic, right? Ah, until you try an break free from this scripted false self. Then it becomes very, very complicated, not to mention difficult. Why is that? Why do we not just drop the programmed part of our selves we do not agree with? Like a hot piece of iron? We will get into that, but let us consider in many people this inability to break free of the programmed self creates an underlying tension. An uneasiness in all who will not, or cannot see this. Even if they do see it, there is an enormous resistance to successfully breaking free of it. Why is there resistance? Not only is there resistance, this resistance creates an underlying dis-ease ultimately resulting in disease, or self-centered, self destructive behavior, brought about by unhappiness over all, due to following a script you are not. If one is okay with the scripted self they are, one should be peaceful, contented, happy, most of the time right? If peaceful most of the time, every cell in the body would react in a positive way.

Let us consider people diagnosed with a terminal disease in medical cases where the patient has lived. Faith healing or whatever the reason, they lived, countering the doctors prognosis. There are similarities in these cases. Of course the cases are different, but many of them had some of the following. Many of the them had faith, hope and most of all love. They had joy in their being. They were positive and had an acceptance of what was. They were contentedly peaceful. Where is this peace to be found? It seems that whenever unhappiness occurs it is preceded by excessive thinking mixed with strong emotions about the past or future (projected memory). This is the egoic minds programming, controlling us with unbelievable power. In many people it has them believing they are the programmed person they were taught to be.

Let us consider the indoctrination in the extreme. Controlling from birth the child’s programming, basically brainwashing them. The person is then so completely controlled they become whatever the programmer determines that they should be. Some people subjected to this of course break out of this extreme programmed scenario, it is conceded. The majority however do not. These people seem happy and contentedly running on a very apparent auto pilot program, like a computer program, programmed into their life, controlling them. Why are simple minded people happy? Because they were intensely and deeply programmed to be so? In a very real sense, they are not even really there at all. They are in a state of unconscious dreaming, like sleep walking, as are most people at present. The extremely indoctrinated are but an obvious example of it. The main and only difference actually, is that it is simply more obvious than most other people. This seems to be because most other unconscious people are the majority, the status quo is accepted and then embraced. But in a very real sense there indoctrination is, well, different, and that is all. Most peoples indoctrinated selves are simply not as isolated. Not as blatantly obvious. Their indoctrinated selves are of a greater collective, emanating from many different sources. Where as the extreme fanatics programming is derived from a much more narrow source. The life they live and are indoctrinated into are primarily what they are exposed to. This articles aim then, is to awaken the reader to the reality of the indoctrinated self. This of course would be the first step in the development of the programmed self and subsequently the breaking free of this indoctrinated scripted self.

What then would be the goal in all this? To be happy? Let us together, go into that. Consider that if you are living out a life that was preordained for you, a life you did not do a thorough examination of, determining which part of the script you choose and which part you do not choose. Are you then the real you? Then one must ask, “Who is it within me that determines all of this.” Is there the thinker, and is this thinker a tool? Is there a separate Self? Which one is real and which one is the pseudo self? Wouldn’t the pseudo self be the memories and or projected memories stored in the brain like a computer program? Is not the real Self outside of those memory images? There for the purpose of serving our needs, not controlling us, fostering an identification as us? Should thought, and memories, past and future, be a tool, serving us?

Let us now return to the idea of happiness. What is it to live a good life? A good quality of life generally, is to feel happy and safe right? When we are feeling happy is it not when we are engaging the part of the script WE choose? And that feeling of happiness, is it not found here, in the present moment? In this very moment, outside of time bound memory images? We may have pleasant memories or future projected memories, which bring happiness, but are they not happening in this very moment? Doesn’t happiness, peace, and contentment happen now? Does not everything happen now? Isn’t all freedom, all reality, happening in the present moment? In this here and now? Is discontentment usually associated with excessive thought, combined with excessively emotionally charged thinking? Pulling us into concern over the past or future, worries? Joy, a peacefully, being contentedly here in this moment. Engagement of life now, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting, each moment as it arises here, is where happiness, our happiness exists.

Stop reading and close the eyes for a moment. Be just this moment. This is a peaceful feeling of a contented bliss. Can you feel it? When it is strong we feel light as air, and time seems to stand still. This feeling tends to ebb and flow. This peace, is pure beauty. It exists in the moment. Moving with effortless ease in a continuity. At times it is overwhelming. An unidentified oneness with all that is. Outside of time. This is the timelessness of here, the joy of the present moment. A carefree energy flowing through everything. It is this moment of acceptance, the peacefully being in the zone. Then how do we keep this? How do we stay in the present moment? How do we reclaim our energy from our egoic mind/programming? How do we rekindle the loving, peaceful, joy, which is our actual Self? You say, “Okay, I have experienced a beautiful sunset, where I do not think about it and am just there. I have experienced being in the zone in my favorite sport, not thinking, just being there. I have experienced my child being born. How do I keep this then? How do I free myself from the programmed person I was taught to be?

First of all, seriousness is essential in an awakening to enlightenment. Each person is important, no matter what the level of commitment. Everyone plays a part because the shift from the current fear paradigm, to the peaceful love paradigm, will be accomplished collectively. The collective raising of consciousness wholly.

The student of enlightenment must have a mind brought to order, which is to have dealt with ones “baggage”, or as we reference it, psychological problematic proclivities, blocks to seeing a students true nature, peaceful love. Of course this takes a very serious commitment as well. One needs to work through pain, suffered in life and childhood. This is to relive these experiences, forgiving oneself and the perpetrators of the hurts suffered in life. It will require loving honesty, grieving over these hurts, and letting them go.

A serious student needs a mind at the level of a religiously pious nature. Seriousness is to see that this is forever, which is not; “Well I will give this a try for a year or two and if it doesn’t work, I’ll come back to it later.” The egoic mind, which stands in the way of peaceful love, because its energy source is fear, will never give up its incessant need to control. It believes if it losses control of its host, the person will be in great danger, and its job is to protect its host in the material world, in daily life. It can be brought into service to the student, but takes work, daily. Seriousness is a commitment to self observation, to remaining calm while doing so. Not allowing extreme emotion, thought, or authority, or attachment to conceptual programming to pull us into divisiveness. It is to be ones own teacher, taking what you can from systems, religions, and other people, without ever being to attached, to the degree one looses sight of the fact we must be our own light, must be our own teachers. It is the only way to awaken to enlightenment, the path to the peaceful love paradigm.

About us.

YES Enlightenment Support Group

“J” the author of this page, had a hit bottom experience, resulting in a spiritual awakening to enlightenment. The devastating series of events in the life broke open the thick walls of the egoic mind, which protect the very powerful life script (programmed indoctrination) we all are compelled to follow. This resulted in a serious inquiry, and asks the reader to do the same; “Who am I?” or more to the point: “Is programming controlling people and are we that programmed person only?”

It does seem that indeed the apple does not fall far from the tree. If people believe that they are exclusively the programmed person only/mind identified person we all were taught to be, why is there frustration, conflict, anxiousness, a dis-ease overall? Why is there unhappiness, conflict, division, and wars? If people are their programming exclusively, why is there resistance, WHY IS THE PROGRAM NOT ACCEPTED? Why is there so much divisiveness in the lives of people, and in the world overall? Could it be that the programming brings unhappiness because it has taken excessive control, far more control over people than is needed to function in daily life? Indeed, is most of humanity running on a deeply indoctrinated FEAR PARADIGM, causing unhappiness? The visitor to this page can awaken to what is referenced often on this page as the PEACEFUL LOVE PARADIGM, a totally different way of seeing one’s life and the world, absent divisiveness. A feeling of deep peace and joy in life, the reader, their friends, family, and fellow humanity, as a collective whole can grow into, shining their light, dissipating the OLD WAY OF SEEING, OF THE FEAR PARADIGM.

The visitor to this page can awaken to this if they are willing to work at it if they see the insanity of fear, division, and war. There now is work with other awakening students of enlightenment in a support group format, on this page and in writings. Here, we see the importance of being our own teacher, through honest, objective self-reflection. All systems can only point the way. Awakening to enlightenment and ultimately to the light inside of us all, it is believed, is seen, is awakened to, again by virtue of being our own teacher, not seeking someone else to tell us what to do. Here, there is a seeing that all systems ultimately create division, the us against them syndrome, all systems, in the end, foster their truth, not THE TRUTH, creating a deep dependence upon them.

We are asking the question: “Is it possible to live without divisiveness, live a non-judgmental life, to forgive, helping those who do not see this to do so? Can we, collective humanity, see the dominant FEAR PARADIGM, which has only fostered chaos, through division hate and war, to see that PEACEFUL LOVE is and always was who we are, at our essence? Please be a part of the global paradigm shift, awakening from fear, created in the egoic overthinking mind, to the PEACEFUL LOVE PARADIGM, seeing the dominant programmed FEAR PARADIGM, our world at this point runs on, which has never worked. Please, do not underestimate your contribution. Even a single word of kindness, even the most basic seeing, awakening, to the fact that programming is driving humanity insane, is creating anxiousness, tension, anger, guilt, dis-ease, hate, grief, unhappiness, wars, all via thinking too much, that seeing this can spread peaceful love to others. We are one human family. Spread these ideas and that will usher in the love so needed in the world today. Be a part of THIS PARADIGM SHIFT shinning its light of love into the world collectively and our lives as well, what could better suit our needs, and the needs of our loved ones?

                  KEEP WORKING ON LOVE.

  Thank you for your support and interest in this page. 
                      Best wishes  -“J”