FEAR is the route of all violence. Psychological fear fills the mind, leaving no room for love. This is slowly driving humanity insane. How can truth and love enter a mind filled with fear? We are so very overladen with indoctrinated fear, from childhood onward, it has become the global paradigm. We argue for it and defend the right to hurt ourselves and others. Then, every so often, for just a moment, the light of peaceful love is seen, in spite of the fear, in a moment of clarity, in quiet stillness, there is a flash of the peaceful love paradigm, which very much needs to grow. The seed is within all, the seed yearns to grow in its host, in all human beings. For just a moment the chatter of our minds stops, the us against them dissipates, and we are just one human race. We move out of the past, disregard the future, all the judgments, prejudice, struggle for power, malice, hate, division, the insane shootings, the WARS, and see what a beautiful world, and the people in it really are,


As the author writes this, there is, and has been over the last three months or so, a noticeable awareness of the journey, the last five years as a post awakening period. As year five is approached, sense the abrupt awakening on the night of 16 February 2014, there is a distinguishable fact. The original formation of this students life script, as we all are subjected to, (the beginning of ones life) IS written and or influenced by others, between birth to five or six years. A Life Script again we all had little or no input into. It is, to be sure, a script preordained FOR the person we come to be, as all of us do, and upon awakening, thereafter struggle to reconcile. Awakening is metamorphosis, seen as a struggle by the one who writes this and is similar to a caterpillar reborn to the butterfly. This student in a very real sense was not even there at all prior to awakening. It was an acting out of a script which outside forces, other programmers wrote. There is consistent peace as year five in the awakening approaches. A new life script has been written. The one who journeys, with continuous work daily and much back and fourth


is a person who has awakened peace within, freed from bondage. The one who travels has written a new script, is in effect emerging each moment anew. This is a state of peace, love, stillness, repose in movement within form. It is to die to time.

The students journey now operates in daily life via a script rewritten by the one who journeys, not educators, nor any programmers exclusively. The program serves the student. What does this elude to? A fact that uneasiness, tension, despondency, anxiousness, a dissatisfaction with life over all, the proverbial thorn in the authors side, that is to say, a script written for the author, was the very thing causing the unhappiness, and emptiness in life generally. That very pain, ironically freed and awakened yet another person to peaceful love. The controlling life script had run its course. More need to awaken, and can do so.

If a student has come this far, at the point this work is being written, on the whole, at this juncture in conscious evolution, it’s very significant indeed. There are so few awakened. There is no guarantee humanity will survive this reformation, this paradigm shift from fear to peaceful love. It simply depends on collective humanities seeing of how critical all this is, and the willingness to take this very seriously. As technological advances grow exponentially, there is a danger. As this is written, M.A.D. is the thought: fear within governments, with a capability of waging global thermonuclear war and economic destruction. How fear perpetually fosters mistrust, intellectual elitism and freedom lost. Countries and mortal satyrs meddling in others business, imposing their will to power upon others. We live in very dangerous times. Those who are seeing all this, the insanity of a modus operandi of fear, bare a great responsibility to humanity. That said, a students


awakening, will benefit this movement mostly by simply living the state of peaceful love. Be IT, be an example, watch our world and do the opposite. Is this the way to real change? Will awakening students personification of peaceful love be enough to foster a global shift from fear to peace and love? Because we must, each and every one of us, ultimately be our own teachers, transcending systems of all kinds. Can this be done? Can people personify Self determination, can they think for themselves? Can they awaken to bring the egoic self back into service to the Self? Fear has never worked. Only illusory gains, only for a period of time, falling back under control of the egoic minds insanity, of a fear paradigm.

If one is to awaken in a meaningful way, to abide mostly in the peaceful state awakening to enlightenment offers, it requires an extraordinary mind. A mind in total focused attention. Honest Self expression, and that my friends is very hard to do. All people have had moments of stillness. Let us say as in a walk on the beach, or looking at a majestic starlit sky on a clear night, or simply being in nature, all of which bring the mind to stillness, bringing the student into the present moment for a bit, a peaceful feeling within. But these are only flashes or satori as they are referenced in the east, or the paradigm of peaceful love as we reference it here. All of these “experiences” are ones inner-being or as we say it here, innersoruce, reaching out to us, beckoning us to return to our source, to feel oneness with all that is. Innersource as an abiding presence, with the student always as one moves through daily life, requires long term arduous work. And in this the student must have done the work in order to have made friends with the limitations of their ego, must have dealt with “baggage” in their life, The student, for the greatest chance at this, must not alter their awareness whatsoever. One is dealing with the ego, their ego, which knows everything about the student, all the right buttons to push in order to maintain control of the student of enlightenment. If the student is willing to do the work, if they have come this far In the journey, it is of great significance, because so few have done this. Most are in a state of unconscious dreaming, the mind identified state, completely controlled by their ego, in a crisis to crisis mode of thought created problems, followed by another set of thoughts designed to fix the problems which thought created. We call this the merry go round, or wheel of insanity. Ready to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

                                    From the book “Enlightenment A Martial Artists Viewpoint” 


Q; I am very uncomfortable with my life right now, I just can not do this anymore, my life is shattered, the present is not good, what can I do, should I not make plans for my future?

A; In that question sir, in that short sentence, there are seven references to the problem plaguing you. Surrender, be still, listen. That said, if the insanity of people’s unconscious mind game’s is hitting from all sides, surrender. When the daily life is shattered, surrender. When there is no money, surrender to it. When there is loneliness, homelessness, sleeping in a park, surrender to it. When broken down to nothing, about to go insane, there is at the same time a blessing. This is a test. Be still, and listen. There is a hum in the background. It can be heard. A peaceful quiet hum, coming from INNERSOURCE, without the you, a calm presence. A light, loving and nurturing, our source. A caring presence. Say this in quiet reflection; this cannot be done alone, then there is no me, there is only oneness, one humanity together. Surrender. Ask for help. Surrender. The energy of peaceful calm, this as enlightenment’s gift, coming from the source, will comfort, listen. To experience resistance requires time. In the present moment there is no experience, only the timelessness of here, of this perfect moment. Listen, do it. Work at it. Should you,“Do it sir?”1– “Put aside your personality for your essence?”2—“Subdue the enemy without fighting?”3– See that; “Thoughts are things?”4 See;

The conceptions of “God” and “sin” are of no more importance


than child’s play?”1–“Learn to be you in time?”2–See that; “There is nothing to fear but fear itself?”3 These and other words from teachers who came before, may help. Then at a point, at having gone through the cultivating of the Self, let all the teachings and word’s go for No-Mind awareness. The light within. Do not try to understand the world, which is engaged in fear, go inside, it will guide, if surrendered to. Go inside and awaken to innersource, let it guide. It is conceded that for many this is very, very tough to see. Again, that said, in every step forward in the progression of humanity, there are those with a vision. What is our vision? When others are yelling, remain calm. When others are filled with anger, remain peaceful. Know their programming has trapped them in the time based mode of fear. Stay present and focused, aware-ness of a vibrational field, rooted in love. Break out of the cocoon of fear, and be the peaceful butterfly. The personification of love, surrendering to the state of love. Even when the world around is pounding the drum of fear, of hate and war, remain steadfast in the energy, awakening to the love our innersource is. Be awaken-ed. Be the example of love. See that to remain steadfast and to do this, is to have a profound effect on others by doing so. Most of the time without their realization of that fact. Stay rooted in calm. Being this pulls them out of the chaos of fear, to an awakening to peace and love seen. This is the highest endeavor of any human being on the physical plane. Actual love can be summed up in awakening to this, the selflessness of the spreading of actual love. In this, one comes to see the truthfulness of oneness, a total connection to absolutely everything, of all that is, the is-ness of the macrocosm, of the peace inside, the all-ness of love and joy that is the source of the students inner most being, the light inside of ones actual real Self. This is actual freedom, beyond systems, beyond good and evil, beyond memory, BEYOND EGO. 

With work it can be done, simply keep going.    J 

  So the editor of this blog lives in Portland Oregon, and has lived there the entire life. This blog concerns the subject of spiritual enlightenment and awakening to peaceful love as a global paradigm, not political issues. It is strongly felt that on all sides, the current dominant global fear paradigm is alive and well in the world. Is it not obvious to the reader, looking objectively, that the current situation is fear, personified, being projected by all? There is the memory of Rodney King, some years ago in California who was beaten by several police officers, then some days later after riots erupted, there is the memory of Mr. King saying; “Can’t we all just get along?” Here is a man who in the tradition of MLKs style of peaceful protests, guided by what this blog feels was the power of peaceful love, not force. As Dr. King said himself; “But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.” (the I have a dream speech) Is the chaos in the world and in my home city and state, fostered by the fear paradigm? Will we, as a species survive if there is not a global paradigm shift from fear to peaceful love? Do other species on our planet treat each other the way human beings do? “Soul force” as we see it, is to see that, controlled by fear, and a mind obsessed with too much thinking, in bondage to the past and future (projected memory) we are missing the here and now where love and peace are, where everything happens. We are no longer even really there at all when our mind controls us excessively. We can see that fear has never worked and never will, especially with what is going on now. Awakening to peaceful love is the only answer, the only way we will survive. We are at a crossroad,. Fear or Love?  The egoic mind of people is driving humanity slowly insane, and will only get worse as A.I. advances.  

(The first in a series of excerpts taken from chapter seventeen: A Dialogue on Spiritual Enlightenment—written in a Q&A format.)


Q; What’s the “hitting bottom experience” and how does it happen?

A; From one perspective viewpoint, it can come about as the result of having lost everything in the material world. It is to be broken down by adversity to absolutely the bottom. It can also come about as the result of intensified Blocks, (pain in childhood and life) to a point at which one can no longer take the pain of unconsciousness, and surrenders to what is. Out of this will come many great opportunities for real change, through Self-awareness. All of the Blocks of the egoic mind are removed, by virtue of the devastation of the hitting bottom experience, allowing loving honest self-observation. This creates possibilities for us to see the self. The egoic self through the new eyes of the real Self. This can foster an awakening to the love and bliss of Enlightenment.


Q; Why is it so difficult to stay connected to the awakened state, Inner Being, INNERSOURCE or the Self, as you call them?

A; It is really due to the prolific power of egos use of feelings and excessive thinking, the self if you will. One’s programming has much to do with it. We all have a life script that is formed by around 5 or 6 years of age. Ego then adheres to this programming. Of course, we have very little control, if any, in regard to what was programmed. Therefore, it is of very great importance to challenge what has been taught, or what we have been indoctrinated to believe. Whatever brings about fear, any extreme emotion and or incessant thinking, keeping the student trapped in the past, or future, which is nothing more than projected memory, will be a warning bell. Stay in the Present Moment, where the past fades into memory, stay rooted in love, in a sacred stillness, listening, avoiding all divisiveness; the world’s problem.


Q; I think talking about the subject of Enlightenment misses the mark don’t you?

A; Indeed it does. Words can not describe the state. They can only point the way, and ultimately are just another attachment, another thing to cling to. To live it is the best way to communicate the awakened state. The energy spreads without talking at all.


Q; At what point will I know when I’ve arrived at success? I mean I practice my meditation each day for two hours and do not seem to be making gains. What can I do to increase my success?

A; Remain in the Present, just here, awakening to what has always been, inner-light or Being, inside. Arrival is to imply two points of reference. If you seek essence, it only creates duality or resistance. Meditation is done in the Moment, unfolding each second, in life, in relationships, here and now. It is an awakening, being here, now, the death of time. It is to bring all of the senses to a very high state of awareness, with total acceptance of what is, without desire for arrival. Just observation in stillness, a peace, a feeling of love and joy, absent egoic thought. Knowing that if there is an action required here, now, the necessary action will be taken, free of conceptualization. The state is with us always, once grounded. Sometimes stronger, sometimes just an echo, but always present. Be a part of the whole, awaken to that truth. It will take work on a daily basis. Learning to see no you, seeing Self more-so as our true nature, a daily decrease of memory, which is to ground the awakening. The observed and observer as the same.


Q; How can we feel peace all the time, as you say? Is that even possible? I mean everybody has a bad day, don’t they?

A; It is a matter of perspective, but yes we were hard-wired to be peace and or joy all the time. Our true nature, our real Self, is of love, the egoic mind is fear-based. It is not that there are not problems, but they do not disturb the peace. Out of that peace, out of that love, problems become opportunities to go deeper into INNERSOURCE, not psychological egoic thought or fear. If there is a loss of a loved one, there is no loss of love itself. It is simplistic really. Love, our true nature, comes out of peace/calm. Fear for the most part, which ultimately is an illusion, created in the mind, makes us anxious. Just consider for a moment the miracle that is the body. How infinitely complex it is, as well as the planet we live on. The planet we live on, and the light keeping it alive, is love personified. We are an expression of love ultimately. Awaken to INNERSOURCE, seeing the peaceful healing effect of love, in every cell in the body, united, with all creation. A feeling inside that says, “Yes, this is true on a deeper level.” Focus on love emerging from within. Nothing in the material world can take that love so long as it is awakened to. It is not dependent upon thought or things outside of collective humanity’s essence. There can be the seeing of that love; if awakened to, or there can be seen fear and pain if personal and collective humanity is not ready to awaken.

–(An excerpt from the new book “The Subtle Approach to Enlightenment.” Going into the work a student will need to do to awaken. Typically it is a combination of the abrupt shattering of the walls of the mind, and the daily work thereafter to awaken as an abiding state.)




“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” A great axiom from an even greater Teacher. The consequences of Personal and Collective Unconsciousness will slowly eat away at the person in the state of Unconscious Dreaming, like a disease, if they do not awaken. Little by little, throughout the person’s life, there will be moments and or longer periods of unease, self-deception, insecurity, tension, anxiousness, depression, grief, guilt, desire, anger, and others, all words. On the other side of the same coin, in a life that has been mostly “Good” there will be fear of loss of the “Good life” either way is clinging to familiarity, to impermanence. In either of these scenarios, there is the energy of fear, a clinging to what is, and always was (again) impermanence. Is this to be a puppet on a string? The puppet master, who pulls the strings, is one’s own egoic mind. The scripted self, compelling the person to dance to the tune of indoctrinated programming, controls us, or tries to. What complicates this so profoundly is the egoic mind, pulling the strings, again the student’s own egoic mind. It knows all too well, what buttons to push in order to maintain control of the student. Can the reader see that this is fertile ground for resistance? Resistance is just what the egoic mind needs a student, now aware of the self, perceiving the Self, awakening to enlightenment, to engage in. This is egos aim, so it may maintain control of its host, via a dominant fear paradigm, the majority of the world runs on at this point. Definitely this


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plays right into the puppet master’s hands. A profoundly high degree of seriousness is necessitated in a student’s awakening. In many cases, for very long periods, of what the student, in the very early stages, sees as the beginning, sees as time, as we normally view time. As has been said, the egoic mind does not want the real you, behind the programmed you, to know what it knows, that there is no time; as such, an awakening will be looked at from the perspective of a sort of ongoing state, of what will be called foreverness in this work, a concept, beyond conception, beyond time. Becoming is to trap oneself in time, with two points, a beginning and an end. The state of mind of; I will be this, I am here, and wish to go there, I am unconscious, and wish to awaken, to become consciously aware. Who is the “I” in this? All of these are to be caught in thinking, in duality. This is just what the egoic mind needs, to keep the student trapped. Foreverness, as the term will be used in this work, is a simplistic state of being here, without arrival. The idea of arrival, due to opposites being involved, again, “I am this and will become that,” creates division. In this, there is resistance, which is the problem of opposites, creating a conflicted mind. Staying in the moment, flowing with whatever happens, with energy if you will, in whatever situation arises, in the here and now, adapting to life as it comes, is key. As in the martial arts, the student flows with the opposing energy, not engaging in resistance to it. This is real, actual power, not force. Force, is a derivative of fear. Because we are so extremely overladen with programming via the fear paradigm, clearly the puppet master uses the life script, and reticular activating system to control us. This can pose great difficulty for a student, feeling inner-being, the stream of an awakened state, once a student awakens to Conscious Awareness. Do not lose sight of the fact that the student can easily be lulled back into attachment to the


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world, via becoming, if this energy is not grounded. Daily life responsibility, an obstacle of gargantuan proportions, requires intensified, focused attention, seeing the state of foreverness, the state of awareness of one’s innersource, the source of all life, which again is the discerning of time as problematic.

Timelessness, foreverness, oneness, in the norm, are completely and utterly foreign to us. Many of the ideas herein may be strange to us, due to the unbelievable power of the egoic mind identified state. Because we are so inundated with daily life responsibility, it is all too easy to be lulled into an unconscious dream state. This is simply a lack of awareness of our source, the source of all that is, of all life. An awareness of inner-being, of what will be called innersource in this work; in addition to the life script, and ego, compelling us to follow the script. Seeing this is essential; so that it serves us, not IT CONTROLLING US. If one ponders the idea that the puppet master truly believes, absolutely believes, that if it lost control of the student, the student would be dead anyway, it is then seen that its level of seriousness is total. It is one-hundred-percent interested, which will match the level of success generally in any endeavor, and so must we be as well. As said, historically, there have been militaristic situations: the leader would burn the ships, or burn the bridge, so that the soldiers could not retreat; leaving no choice but victory or death. It is a total commitment to victory, and THAT is virtually what humanity is up against. It does at times seem that way. That said, the student must do whatever it takes. As long as a student has a choice, as long as the student can say; “Well if it does not work out, I can quit, I can go back to it later,” it is to leave the back door open for the puppet master, and make no mistake, it will enter any door, crack, crevice, the smallest hole, and leverage


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the slightest doubt in the mind of a student, to the puppet masters advantage. Our puppet master, will not go quietly. The idea of foreverness, living the peaceful love state, of being, is safe, content, joyous, seen here and now. There is no time, no doing, no becoming, rather just being here/now, living it, this is key.

Fundamentally, a student is along for the ride, acutely aware, with life as the master of ceremonies, taking a student where it will, as the student observes, adapts. This, along with the idea of oneness, that there is no separation, the awareness of; we literally are all connected together as one humanity, is key. No us and them, therefore no divisiveness. Our source, the source of all that is, of all life, has always been, only one total energy field. The idea of separation always was, simply created in the egoic mind of human beings: perhaps so consciousness can have an awareness of itself. It is simplistic, but the egoic mind complicates the seeing of this. It’s what it does, and is quite good at it, but then it has been at it for eons. It affects the student’s reality only as far as the individual, seeing themselves AS an individual: ego, believing in separation, separation fostering divisiveness. These two, oneness and foreverness, are basically what allows a student to perceive awakening outside of ideas, beyond thought: created reality.“I was unconscious, and now am awake.” It is a transcendence state, beyond duality, and is, as known through words, the paradigm of peaceful love. Fear, completely integrated into us, via the life script, is what we are educated to be, do and have in life. We are, in a bubble. It cannot be said enough, simply see in quiet stillness, in observation, that our world currently runs on a fear paradigm.

Collectively, we will move to the peaceful love paradigm,

if we are to survive, as a species. If you don’t believe that, look at


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the wars, violence, public shootings, divisiveness, hate, malice, all the result of fear. In just one American city, 900 murders in one year. One could say in the extreme, that we are totally, seemingly hopelessly brainwashed into the insanity of fear. Does seeing this, the realization of it, shock the reader? Should it? Or is the reader so indoctrinated, so totally familiar with what they have been taught to be, so numbed, so infatuated with the illusion, they will not let go of it? Is the reader’s ego, their puppet master, pulling their strings, controlling their life? When the student sees the strings, they will notice, they are subtle delusion, obscure, and at points all too obvious. The strings CAN be seen, and yet people will again deny, attempt to control, failing to do so. Has the reader ever tried to push polar opposites of two magnets together? Perhaps at this juncture, the reader may gain insight from the reading of Plato’s: “Allegory of the Cave” found in his work, “Republic.” When the student is feeling manipulated by the puppet master, when they first begin to see it, it can be a very frustrating point in the training. There is the wish to move away from the old paradigm of fear, to the new one of peaceful love; but the student’s perception is blinded by their own egoic mind, by self-delusion, as well as the pressure of others still plagued by unconsciousness. If the student is not sufficiently aware, calmly remaining very present, in the here and now, there will still be resistance, in subtle, as well as aggressive forms.

–Reposted from the YES Enlightenment Support Group Facebook page:


YES Enlightenment Support Group

August 3 at 3:52 PM

FEAR is the route of all violence. Psychological fear fills the mind, leaving no room for love. This is slowly driving humanity insane. How can truth and love enter a mind filled with fear? We are so very overladen with indoctrinated fear, from childhood onward, it has become the global paradigm. We argue for it and defend the right to hurt ourselves and others. Then, every so often, for just a moment, the light of peaceful love is seen, in spite of the fear, in a moment of clarity, in quiet stillness, there is a flash of the peaceful love paradigm, which very much needs to grow. The seed is within all, the seed yearns to grow in its host, in all human beings. For just a moment the chatter of our minds stops, the us against them dissipates, and we are just one human race. We move out of the past, disregard the future, all the judgments, prejudice, struggle for power, malice, hate, division, the insane shootings, the WARS, and see what a beautiful world, and the people in it really are, at their essence. We move into the present, into the here and now, and see the love which is our source, and the source of the world we live on. If each person is willing to do just a little work each day, we could transcend this fear paradigm, and begin to see the peaceful love paradigm, to see the truth. All anyone wants is to be loved. Keep working on love, it is who you are and always have been. You were never anything else, your overthinking mind has blocked this from you, blocked you from the truth.

—(An edited version) of a dialogue from the main page. I thought you may find it interesting.

(A reply made to a user’s negative commentary on the YES Enlightenment Facebook page) Can we go into this together friend, in a very serious objective way?

The Life Script, the programmed person we all were taught to be, which peoples egos adhere to, IS THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE AT PRESENT and runs on fear. Ego is simply doing its job beyond what it needs to do. Our goal is to bring it back into the service of its host. When you cross the street and a car is coming, it is ego that keeps you from walking in front of it. That is one of an endless number of practical uses for ego. We cannot live without it here in the world. Its job is to keep you safe in the world, in the body. It takes its job so seriously that it would forfeit your life if it lost control over you; it believes you would be dead anyway, should it lose control of you. This means, of course, you are dealing with awesome power because it is your ego and knows just which buttons to push to control you. These are psychological facts, basic psychology, and is what was spoken to in a prior post: “With all due respect, something has gone very wrong in this whole thing” ego was supposed to serve but has taken over most people, which we reference as the Mind Identified state.

Jesus said to: “Be in the world not of the world.” This perhaps speaks to attachment: “Truly I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to see the kingdom of God.” This also speaks to attachment to the world, the seeing of fear, and very little love. In another religion it states; “The reason you suffer is because you cling to the world” again attachment to the world causes opposing ideas, ie division. This division; Psychological baggage built up in the memory and drawn up to identify and control what people are doing, being, and having, in their lives is driving them insane because it all runs on fear. The egoic mind has become an out-of-control monster in the minds of man. Now if God is love, and He created us “In His image” then we are His love personified, not fear, which is created in the mind of man. It is the PREMISE that must be looked at. GOD IS LOVE, and “created us in His image,” JESUS IS PEACEFUL LOVE, “I tell you the truth: unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God” The overthinking, out of control egoic mind, with fear, veils us from LOVE, and is doing a very good job at it so far.

To bring the ego back into service to its host is key, which is simply awareness of THE LOVE OF GOD, THE SACRED WITHIN YOU, YOUR ESSENCE. It is to die to each moment, to be born again to each moment, to use memories, images stored in the brain for PRACTICAL PURPOSES ONLY, then put the tool ego is away, KNOWING YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WERE LOVE, the idea of, again, what Jesus said; “Before Abraham was I am.”

Love all there ever was.



by J

The simple answer is to work at it, daily. Sustained serious awareness. How much work is too much? Let us now together, go into this. Examine your life. Take stock of it for a moment. Look at the world. What is much of the world and perhaps yourself engaged in? Success, power, material gain, egoic attachment involved in relationships? How hard do we work for these? How much of our lives do we spend attaining these? We set the goal, which is in the future and does not bring satisfaction because it is always out there. We attain the goal, which brings satisfaction temporally but is quickly then replaced with something else we must have, or think we need. Or, we focus on past events in the life to one degree or another, either attempting to recapture past glory, or regret, or guilt over what could or should have been. Is this not to be caught in that which is subject to impermanence? Everything has a beginning and an ending, except one thing, inner-being, the source of all life, your source, or as we reference it, INNERSOURCE. Is not our happiness in the above scenario, to be excessively trapped in time, in the past or future? Do problems need the past or future to exist? All of this seems to be feeding the thing which feeds upon us, our emotionally charged ego, draining energy from us. What we speak to is the reclaiming of energy from the ego, which seeks control of us completely. People spend ten years, twenty years, or their whole lives, working their fingers to the bone. Trapped, it would seem, in endless attempts to regain past glories, or future cravings for more, more, and still more. Is not all of this again, subjected to impermanence? It does seem, when looked at objectively, to be all so pointless, to be introverted, especially when we have been sitting on the goose that laid the golden egg all along. It is inside of us, and all around us. The realization of this must be cultivated because we are so very programmed by the fear paradigm the world currently runs on.

First of all, there is nothing that can be told to you that you do not already know on a deeper level. You must go inside, and that, for many, takes much work. A lot of hard work. Considering the peace resulting from this hard work is lasting, is forever. That it does not have any dependence upon outside situations, people, nothing the world has to offer could come close, how hard then, would you work to awaken to this? Again, to awaken to what has always been inside of you, can be felt, and seen in all that is, once the work is done to cultivate it? It’s kind of funny really. Diffidently part of seeing and feeling this, will be to laugh at ourselves, (how did we miss that) as well as our indoctrinated, educated, dare we say brainwashed narcissistic self-centered view. Laugh at the idea that we see only separation; see only ourselves as individuals, and for the most part, this dominates our focus in life.

Now for the practical purpose of getting things done in our daily lives, we need the persona, our programming, the tool the ego is, to protect and serve us, do we not? Shakespeare once said; “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and each man in his time plays many parts.” Having said that, in the lives of the majority of humanity at present, because the world dominant paradigm is fear, and this fear runs the person, the egoic mind so controlling its host that, the majority of humanity is trapped in what we have referenced as the mind identified state. This simply means people think too much, think they are their programmed mind, images stored in the brain only. Images are drawn up from memory to identify the present, the only true reality, where actual truth and love are seen. In the next blog, we will go into more detail as to how this awakening to the Peaceful Love paradigm is to come about.