As the author writes this, there is, and has been over the last three months or so, a noticeable awareness of the journey, the last five years as a post awakening period. As year five is approached, sense the abrupt awakening on the night of 16 February 2014, there is a distinguishable fact. The original formation of this students life script, as we all are subjected to, (the beginning of ones life) IS written and or influenced by others, between birth to five or six years. A Life Script again we all had little or no input into. It is, to be sure, a script preordained FOR the person we come to be, as all of us do, and upon awakening, thereafter struggle to reconcile. Awakening is metamorphosis, seen as a struggle by the one who writes this and is similar to a caterpillar reborn to the butterfly. This student in a very real sense was not even there at all prior to awakening. It was an acting out of a script which outside forces, other programmers wrote. There is consistent peace as year five in the awakening approaches. A new life script has been written. The one who journeys, with continuous work daily and much back and fourth


is a person who has awakened peace within, freed from bondage. The one who travels has written a new script, is in effect emerging each moment anew. This is a state of peace, love, stillness, repose in movement within form. It is to die to time.

The students journey now operates in daily life via a script rewritten by the one who journeys, not educators, nor any programmers exclusively. The program serves the student. What does this elude to? A fact that uneasiness, tension, despondency, anxiousness, a dissatisfaction with life over all, the proverbial thorn in the authors side, that is to say, a script written for the author, was the very thing causing the unhappiness, and emptiness in life generally. That very pain, ironically freed and awakened yet another person to peaceful love. The controlling life script had run its course. More need to awaken, and can do so.

If a student has come this far, at the point this work is being written, on the whole, at this juncture in conscious evolution, it’s very significant indeed. There are so few awakened. There is no guarantee humanity will survive this reformation, this paradigm shift from fear to peaceful love. It simply depends on collective humanities seeing of how critical all this is, and the willingness to take this very seriously. As technological advances grow exponentially, there is a danger. As this is written, M.A.D. is the thought: fear within governments, with a capability of waging global thermonuclear war and economic destruction. How fear perpetually fosters mistrust, intellectual elitism and freedom lost. Countries and mortal satyrs meddling in others business, imposing their will to power upon others. We live in very dangerous times. Those who are seeing all this, the insanity of a modus operandi of fear, bare a great responsibility to humanity. That said, a students


awakening, will benefit this movement mostly by simply living the state of peaceful love. Be IT, be an example, watch our world and do the opposite. Is this the way to real change? Will awakening students personification of peaceful love be enough to foster a global shift from fear to peace and love? Because we must, each and every one of us, ultimately be our own teachers, transcending systems of all kinds. Can this be done? Can people personify Self determination, can they think for themselves? Can they awaken to bring the egoic self back into service to the Self? Fear has never worked. Only illusory gains, only for a period of time, falling back under control of the egoic minds insanity, of a fear paradigm.

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