If one is to awaken in a meaningful way, to abide mostly in the peaceful state awakening to enlightenment offers, it requires an extraordinary mind. A mind in total focused attention. Honest Self expression, and that my friends is very hard to do. All people have had moments of stillness. Let us say as in a walk on the beach, or looking at a majestic starlit sky on a clear night, or simply being in nature, all of which bring the mind to stillness, bringing the student into the present moment for a bit, a peaceful feeling within. But these are only flashes or satori as they are referenced in the east, or the paradigm of peaceful love as we reference it here. All of these “experiences” are ones inner-being or as we say it here, innersoruce, reaching out to us, beckoning us to return to our source, to feel oneness with all that is. Innersource as an abiding presence, with the student always as one moves through daily life, requires long term arduous work. And in this the student must have done the work in order to have made friends with the limitations of their ego, must have dealt with “baggage” in their life, The student, for the greatest chance at this, must not alter their awareness whatsoever. One is dealing with the ego, their ego, which knows everything about the student, all the right buttons to push in order to maintain control of the student of enlightenment. If the student is willing to do the work, if they have come this far In the journey, it is of great significance, because so few have done this. Most are in a state of unconscious dreaming, the mind identified state, completely controlled by their ego, in a crisis to crisis mode of thought created problems, followed by another set of thoughts designed to fix the problems which thought created. We call this the merry go round, or wheel of insanity. Ready to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

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