From the book “Enlightenment A Martial Artists Viewpoint” 


Q; I am very uncomfortable with my life right now, I just can not do this anymore, my life is shattered, the present is not good, what can I do, should I not make plans for my future?

A; In that question sir, in that short sentence, there are seven references to the problem plaguing you. Surrender, be still, listen. That said, if the insanity of people’s unconscious mind game’s is hitting from all sides, surrender. When the daily life is shattered, surrender. When there is no money, surrender to it. When there is loneliness, homelessness, sleeping in a park, surrender to it. When broken down to nothing, about to go insane, there is at the same time a blessing. This is a test. Be still, and listen. There is a hum in the background. It can be heard. A peaceful quiet hum, coming from INNERSOURCE, without the you, a calm presence. A light, loving and nurturing, our source. A caring presence. Say this in quiet reflection; this cannot be done alone, then there is no me, there is only oneness, one humanity together. Surrender. Ask for help. Surrender. The energy of peaceful calm, this as enlightenment’s gift, coming from the source, will comfort, listen. To experience resistance requires time. In the present moment there is no experience, only the timelessness of here, of this perfect moment. Listen, do it. Work at it. Should you,“Do it sir?”1– “Put aside your personality for your essence?”2—“Subdue the enemy without fighting?”3– See that; “Thoughts are things?”4 See;

The conceptions of “God” and “sin” are of no more importance


than child’s play?”1–“Learn to be you in time?”2–See that; “There is nothing to fear but fear itself?”3 These and other words from teachers who came before, may help. Then at a point, at having gone through the cultivating of the Self, let all the teachings and word’s go for No-Mind awareness. The light within. Do not try to understand the world, which is engaged in fear, go inside, it will guide, if surrendered to. Go inside and awaken to innersource, let it guide. It is conceded that for many this is very, very tough to see. Again, that said, in every step forward in the progression of humanity, there are those with a vision. What is our vision? When others are yelling, remain calm. When others are filled with anger, remain peaceful. Know their programming has trapped them in the time based mode of fear. Stay present and focused, aware-ness of a vibrational field, rooted in love. Break out of the cocoon of fear, and be the peaceful butterfly. The personification of love, surrendering to the state of love. Even when the world around is pounding the drum of fear, of hate and war, remain steadfast in the energy, awakening to the love our innersource is. Be awaken-ed. Be the example of love. See that to remain steadfast and to do this, is to have a profound effect on others by doing so. Most of the time without their realization of that fact. Stay rooted in calm. Being this pulls them out of the chaos of fear, to an awakening to peace and love seen. This is the highest endeavor of any human being on the physical plane. Actual love can be summed up in awakening to this, the selflessness of the spreading of actual love. In this, one comes to see the truthfulness of oneness, a total connection to absolutely everything, of all that is, the is-ness of the macrocosm, of the peace inside, the all-ness of love and joy that is the source of the students inner most being, the light inside of ones actual real Self. This is actual freedom, beyond systems, beyond good and evil, beyond memory, BEYOND EGO. 

With work it can be done, simply keep going.    J 

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