FEAR is the route of all violence. Psychological fear fills the mind, leaving no room for love. This is slowly driving humanity insane. How can truth and love enter a mind filled with fear? We are so very overladen with indoctrinated fear, from childhood onward, it has become the global paradigm. We argue for it and defend the right to hurt ourselves and others. Then, every so often, for just a moment, the light of peaceful love is seen, in spite of the fear, in a moment of clarity, in quiet stillness, there is a flash of the peaceful love paradigm, which very much needs to grow. The seed is within all, the seed yearns to grow in its host, in all human beings. For just a moment the chatter of our minds stops, the us against them dissipates, and we are just one human race. We move out of the past, disregard the future, all the judgments, prejudice, struggle for power, malice, hate, division, the insane shootings, the WARS, and see what a beautiful world, and the people in it really are,

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